The Flow Way of Life

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Flow arts is a therm to describe the techniques of manipulation together with dance  that you can develop while you are playing with some prop like Poi, Hoops, Buugeng, Staff and many others.

 during the past years I've been into the world of Flow arts, where suddenly started to be apart of my life! On the beggining, was really hard, because during that time, Flow Arts were not popular on Brazil, we have more the traditional juggling. I had lucky that on the same time that I started practicing Flow Arts, I discovered through internet many people like me that were spinning props and expressing them selfs with the power of their dreams. Unfortunately, most of them were living far from me, some of them in USA, others in Europe and some of them were on other parts of Brazil!
With the social networks, like youtube and Facebook, I could connect with them and Understand more about the "Flow arts Way of Life" and I get in love to all this.
Flow Artists are open to share with the world their own passion into their abilities,dance. They trust on their dreams and the power to change the world with simple gests of umanity and love to each other. Flow artists dont have frontiers that humans creates because of different cultures and traditions they want to see the light that is inside of you
 I had the pleasure to be apart into some flow festivals, Each one is different and has your own particular magic!
My first one and one of the most inspiring that I have been, was Spielpause On Tour, created by Machtin Weller. Every year a lot of flow artists comes to an amazing middle aged castle on the middle of Germany for three days of Fire,Flow and Spinning Exchange.
The most beautiful about that, is that you can find Flow Festivals around the World!!
Last year I have been to Florida Flow Fest, one of my best experiences!. For the first time in my life, I was going to north america to finally see that flow artists that I was watching from the display of my computer and meet them on real life!!. I met Drex, from Drex Factor who has teached me so much with his youtube channel, I have met one of my favorites super heroes Johnathan Alvarez!! I couldnt belive it how everyone was so amazing and friendly with me, opening your hearts and your cultures for this Brazilian Juggler =)).
If you are into the Flow Arts but never came to a Flow Festivals,each one is unique with an amazing programation,workshops, shows for everyone please dont waste your time and go to one, it might change your life!!
This year, I'm suuper excited to come back to USA to attend Three amazing Flow Festivals!!
 The First one, it will be Flow Camp, from 24 to 27 September! and for coincidence, it will be on the same day of my brithday!!! So lets celebrate!!! =))

Flow Camp is a weekend workshop retreat that features some of the best and brightest instructors in the fields of Flow Arts, Burlesque, Aerials, Fire Dancing, Belly Dance, and more! Started in 2011, its intention was to bring these arts to the lives of many to encourage adults to nourish movement and play into their lives. As we get older, we forget to move our bodies around and benefit from the physical and mental health benefits that come with it. 

Flow Camp is located on the lovely Terrapin Hill organic farm in Harrodsburg, Ky

After that, Im moving for the Flow Down Fire Festival in Illinois from 15 to 18 october

Flow Down Fire festival is a retreat style event for performance artists and those wanting to learn any of the flow arts. We will have instructors in all sorts of areas of dance, props, yoga, and many other things. The variety of this festival is truly astonishing. We have instructors coming from all over the country to teach workshops during the day, and then to perform for you at night. Followed by a fire circle that anyone can get in on. 

And to end my Flow Adventure around USA, Im going back to the Luminous Family, Florida Flow Fest from 23 to 25 October!!=))
                                    I hope to meet you there!!!
                                         Keep the Flowww!=)


Date : 06/09/2015 - 17:34 - Gustavo Ollitta

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Gustavo Ollitta is a professional Circus Artist born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1992. He started his researches on Manipulation and Juggling in 2007. Being self-educated for 3 years, he created his own style of performance and manipulation with unique visual juggling tools. In 2011, Gustavo st ...

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Posted: Gustavo Ollitta.
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The Flow Way of Life

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