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Do you want to learn the beauty of manipulation?

Gustavo has learned by himself the technique of manipulation and would be happy to spread his passion. He has created different concepts of teaching manipulation, dance and balance to everybody who has the desire to learn.

It’s not just about having fun spinning objects through the air, it is also very good for your coordination motor, working as group, motivation, concentration as well as many other mental and physical abilities.  

From  Masterclass(1 day)3 days workshops to Extended courses, Gustavo will attend  your event, festival or circus space.

Gustavo had the honour to attend many Circus Spaces as Greentop Circus (UK), Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (IT),Sonics Company (IT), Circus Festivals as Zirkulaer (Germany), and even the Ne Je Jave, the Tv american popular show  I can do That in Albania, teaching in less then a week celebrities the arts of flow arts and circus.

  Flow Fests around United States  and social projects in Brazil at Favelas, sharing his experience with children and adults!







Do you want to immerse into the beauty of Circus Arts? Get in touch! =)


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