Due to his graduation on a professional circus school in Europe and being on an intensive research for the last years around the world of manipulation illusion and circus techniques Gustavo Ollitta has created unique shows to attend private and public events indoors and outdoors!From the illusion created by Buugeng, to the dangerous act of balancing on the top of a Rope, from the technology of LED, to the primal sensations that Fire evokes, Gustavo brings unique moments to each of his shows.

Triskle Project

The show arise from individual and collective researches created by Bárbara Francesquine and Gustavo Ollitta. A unique research on the world of juggling and circus and unified with the smoothy of dance and in contact to the elements of fire and light.
Work in progress and being presented along nacional and internacional music and circus festivals, the spectacle has as a principal task reopen the beauty on the simplicity of both artists together with the preciousness,reverence e difficulty on the techniques of circus, where Hoops,Pois, Buugengs,Slack Rope  and contact gets mixed and bring to the audience a new and magical world


Gustavo Ollitta in 2009, brought the beauty of Buugeng to Brazil, during his research He has created a show where the illusion goes beyond the eyes can see.

While watching Gustavo Ollitta spin a pair of buugeng, It’s understandable if you freeze the vídeo once  or twice to check for editing tricks.And you may have this impulse while watching live too.”
In the smoth hands of a young master like Ollitta, Born in São Paulo and working now in Turin, Italy, the buugeng is downright psychedelic

I was not familiar with Gustavo Ollitta on Stage, but after seeing his performance on Florida Flow Fest, you can see how many organic and beautiful shapes which He can create with the buugengsDrex Factor




During his show Gustavo creates an universe for us in which we can explore the magic of touching the untouchable, creating Light and warmth where it was previously cold and dark. Mixed with the beauty of corporal expression, Gustavo draws the attention of the audience to the sensation of change and primal nature that Fire evokes.

ATTENTION: this show has been created to be performed on OUTDOORS events, for indoors events, you can choose the other shows

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Over the course of his time in the Circus School and being student of the founder of ESAAC(Belgium), Arian Miluka, Gustavo Ollitta has found another passion, the Slack Rope!

A breathtaking, intensive and unique show where acrobatics, handstands and manipulation are moved to the top of a simple rope!

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The luminous show, invites the audience to a world of technology combined with the skills of juggling, where Gustavo Ollitta paints geometrical as well as figural images in the air  while he dances with the flow!

With the Luminous show, Gustavo Ollitta can also light up your event with your own images, like the logo of your company or some beautiful photos of you and all of that syncronized with his show!

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Equilibra Company

Gustavo Ollitta (Brazil) and Lucero Ponce (Perú) purpose the perfect balance in between feminine and masculine energies bringing new concepts of Visual and Flow arts, Dance and Music to the stage.  A show where the fire comes alive, the lights become magical and the suspense of standing on a rope of 2 M high become moments of magic and pleasure to the audience.

Gustavo Ollitta, Brazilian artist that fuses dances with the mystical and unique techniques of circus and Flow Arts that he developed on the Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (Italy).
 Being a reference on the world with his arts, Gustavo Has performed on more than 20 countries all over the world on international events as Global Ted Talk Conference, Venezian Carnival,Boom Festival, Universo Paralello and many Tv Shows

Lucero Ponce graduated on CEAM and passionated of Yoga, Tribal Fusion and Flow Arts from Perú Peru  brings unique techniques of Peruvian and oriental dances fused with the beauty of Manipulation and  Flow Arts.
Lucero is a reference on Peru on arts featuring your shows in many important events as Yoga Fest 2017, performing in many big corporate events and on International festivals as Strassen Von Latein Amerika Festival- Austria, Ozora Festival, Unity Festival  and giving all over the world in Israel, Germany,Italy and many others!


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